Trim Energy Oy

Trim Energy Oy  is a Finnish company, but an international forerunner. Our roots are in Nokia Smart Home project, from which the company was founded in 2009. In ten years, we have built a competence that makes home heating smart and easy to manage, saves energy and money, as well as reduces CO2 emissions.

Key persons:

R&D, sales, projects, partnerships

Tapio Saarenpää


Tapio has 30-plus year experience from the energy sector. Trim is the fourth company he manages. The most visible achievement them was the acceptance of the Finnish Parliament for Fennovoima Oy, a new Finnish nuclear power company.
What was common with that and Trim is the pioneering spirit and the role that both have in the transformation of the energy sector. Now it is Trim’s turn to support the growth of CO2-free renewables, wind and solar.
Tapio is in charge of Trim sales, partnerships and new ventures.

Contact Tapio::

+358 10 299 2961

Timo Koivunen


Timo likes to stay in the background and let his actions speak for themselves. Before his now 10-year Trim career he has helped big Finnish enterprises e.g. Nokia and Tieto through his own consulting firm.
He knows intimately the whole Trim system and is the brains of company R&D. He is fully devoted equally as a coder as well as a HW designer. A sworn Linux man, with humor as sharp as his competence.
Timo is responsible for our production environment and R&D.

Contact Timo:

+358 10 299 2693

Sami Sailo


Sami’s handwriting can be seen already in the first steps of Trim. Smart Home was in Nokia one venture in his R&D project portfolio.

He has been the operations director at telecom operator Radiolinja, and development manager of Helen, the energy utility of Helsinki.
Finnish sailing community knows Sami as a long-time coach, international referee and competition director. His strengths include eight languages, for example ancient Greek and Hebrew.
Sami is responsible for our customer projects, training Trim’s resellers, manufacturing and customer support.

Contact Sami:

+358 10 299 2962

Customer service

Tel. +358 10 299 2960 (09 to 17)
Email: info(at)


Technical support

Tel. +358 10 299 2969 (09 to 17)
Email: support(at)

Street address

Karaportti 5
02610 Espoo, Finland