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A day with Trim

Smart home heating saves energy around the clock. This is how it works at different times of the day.




Family wakes up, house is already in ‘home’ mode.

A sunny day?

Solar production is used for cooling with heat pump and heating water boiler.


Warm water was heated during nightly low prices.

To work and school

Family leaves home, house enters automatically ‘away’ mode.



Schoolday over

Children return, home enters automatically ’at home’ mode.

New weather forecast and energy market prices

Optimization model is updated automatically.

High energy price

Consuption is reduced and surplus sold to grid.


Evening and night


Family goes to sleep, home enters ‘at sleep’ mode.

Demand response

Grid requests more/less consuption due grid frequency changes.

Low energy price

Electric car is charged and water boiler heated.

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