Smart solution to heating

Compatible and automatic

Our roots are in Nokia Smart Home project, from which the company was founded in 2009. We have delivered systems to homes and small offices for already over 10 years. We have tested numerous technologies and know what works and what does not.

Key problems without Trim

Solar panel system

Sun shines mostly during daytime when the house is typically empty with not much electricity consumption. Solar production is not utilized, but mostly sold back to grid.

Air-to-air heat pump

Full heating capacity of the pump is limited by other home heating systems. When pump is cooling, other heating must be switched off and solar power used for cooling, when available.

Electrical car charging

Cars are typically charged in the evenings when the electricity price is highest. Charging is not optimized with respect to hourly power prices.

Spot-priced electricity

Home electricity consumption does not follow hourly electricity prices, and heat storing objects are not heated during cheapest hours.


Trim is a total solution to all above problems. It provides automatic timing of own energy production and consumption. The homeowner is able to get the full benefit of his/her energy efficiency investments and to shorten their payback time.

Smart heating

Trim shifts electricity consumption to hours with solar production or cheap electricity hourly prices.
The system integrates and controls for example the following loads: tap water boiler, capacitive floor heating, electric car charging, air-to-air heat pump cooling and heating.


Technician configures your house, heating system and the equipment you purchased from us. This is needed only when the system is installed or when the system is expanded with new equipment.


How to use

Set your living pattern once to the system. You can then adjust your plans wherever with your smart phone or tablet. For example, when you want your summer house to be warm when you go there. Or when you expect a big sauna party and will need unusual amount of hot shower water.


Your home heating is connected with your broadband internet access to our cloud service. It optimizes your heating with respect to electricity spot price and weather forecast. Electricity is used for heating when the hourly prices are cheapest. You don’t have to do anything.


Desired temperatures

Set the temperature you want in three living situations: when you are at home, away or at sleep. The idea is to automatically somewhat lower temperature when you are not at home or at sleep, and then to restore it well in time before you need it.


Living pattern

Clock display allows you to set the normal living situation for each hour of each day of the week. For example, during working days or weekends the home can in many cases be empty. And you may want to lower temperature when you sleep.empi. Voit myös haluta laskea lämpötilaa nukkuessasi.


Graphs show your inside temperature and electricity consumption histories. The system stores actual home temperatures, thus comparing what you wanted and the actual heating.

Trim is the cheapest on the market. Because it consists of only couple of devices and is fast to install.

Smartness fits into small space

Trim central unit is small and smart. It uses your broadband internet access to get weather forecast and electricity market price from our cloud service. Trim optimizes your home heating with the real-time data as well as your home temperature and heating characteristics.

The central unit is installed in your electrical center. Only inside temperature sensor and possible heat-pump infrared controller remain visible. They come with elegant design and are usually wall mounted. But you can hide even them for example above or behind furniture, provided you check with the technician that the location allows full system operation.

Only Trim lets you get the most out of your solar panels

AConnecting your solar panel system to Trim is easy. System control logic is usually configured so that for example tap water boiler, floor heating or electrical car charging are switched on when solar power is available.

This allows you to fully utilize your own production. By shifting your energy consumption to sunny hours you minimize the need and costs for selling your surplus production back to grid.

Participate in national climate action

Power plant production is reduced by lowering electricity demand in homes. This lowers not only production costs, but also their CO2 emissions.

With Trim system in thousands of homes, their electricity consumption can be controlled simultaneously. Combining home heating loads in this way into so-called demand response helps in reducing electricity demand peaks.

In heavy industry this demand-side management already plays a big role for Finnish security of supply. Now also homes can give their contribution to the national effort.

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