Energy management company There Corporation has begun cooperation with Smarthome Srl. in Italy. There’s smart technology, produced under the Italian Virtuoso brand, manages home heating, among other things.
Southern Europe and Italy in particular are interesting markets for smart home energy management systems.
“We have made significant investments in order to bring smart technology to Italy. There’s technology forms the whole backbone of our Virtuoso solution,” says Marco Vicamini, CEO of Smarthome Srl.
The cooperation between the two companies began in the annual Smart Homes event, which takes place in Amsterdam this week. Smart Homes is part of the annual Metering/Billing Europe event that brings together all prominent energy and telecom companies and energy technology suppliers. There is taking part in this year’s event as well.
Cleantech offers new business opportunities
New, innovative cleantech businesses keep sprouting up from the foundation laid out by Nokia, and right from the start There has focused on developing cleantech solutions. As lately as two weeks ago, the Finnish energy company Fortum released the Fortum Fiksu product which is based on There’s technology. Active participation in the Cleantech Finland network has supported There’s business.
“We see that the Cleantech Finland network has greatly benefited our company,” Ilmo Lounasmaa from There says. “Cleantech Finland is exactly the right kind of organization to open doors for us.”
“There’s example, as well as that of many others, shows that growth can be found from new markets. The cleantech markets are growing fast around the world despite the recession,” Santtu Hulkkonen, Cleantech Finland’s Executive Director, says. “We at Cleantech Finland work with There and other companies daily so that these kinds of Finnish success stories will happen even more often.”
Further information:
There, Vice President, Sales, Ilmo Lounasmaa,, +35840 7447599
Cleantech Finland, Executive Director, Santtu Hulkkonen,, +35840 3433 341