There Corporation, Helen and Fingrid are developing and testing residential demand response concept in Finland during the ongoing heating season 2014-2015. The solution exposes and steers the residential energy usage according to needs of demand response market and enables consumers to reduce their energy costs.
The concept consists of control interface and a back-end combination of There Corporation algorithms, energy usage forecasts and external data sources (e.g. day-ahead electricity price feed, weather forecast, house thermal storage capacity, residents lifestyle parameters). There provides a consumer home energy management system, cloud-based service platform and support services to utility partner Helen and to transmission system operator Fingrid.
Energy consumption in residential market is largely consisting of heating and cooling. In Finland about 70% household energy is consumed in heating and cooling of houses. Therefore, controlling these loads is crucial in getting more flexibility into the energy market. More flexibility is needed to smooth the consumption peaks, to adjust to the increasing volatility caused by renewable energy sources and to be prepared for possible disturbances in the energy system.
Increased flexibility means benefits to utilities and transmission operator. But also the consumer will directly benefit from the solution. A part of this demand response solution is a home energy management system which is installed to consumer house and is controlled by our intelligent algorithms. System will reduce heating and cooling costs by steering the consumption to low-rate hours. In addition, consumers can use the system to control their house temperature and appliances with mobile phone or with predefined automated rules.
“We believe that demand response and controlling energy consumption are crucial for the whole energy system to work efficiently as renewable energy and energy efficiency are taken into use. We are focused on providing services for the residential market that represents roughly 1/4 of total energy market. We believe that this initiative with Helen and Fingrid shows that our cloud based solution is the solution how future energy systems are build in Europe and how consumer can become an active part of energy market without changes to end users’ lifestyle or comfort. Projects like these motivate us to work even harder to stay among the leading companies in energy efficiency and demand management. ” says Juha Stenberg, CEO of There Corporation.
There Corporation develops and provides energy efficiency and energy management solutions to consumer market. Our solutions offer energy consumption optimisation, real time monitoring of energy consumption and deliver substantial cost savings in energy usage and new business opportunities for our partners. Our sales channels include energy companies and service providers in Nordic and Europe.