1. Scalable software solution

The industry’s most software centric
solution, compatible with any home energy
consuming device.

2. Technology proven on the market

Consumer solutions available for all relevant
segments with various heating/cooling
system configurations.

3. Very competitive pricing

New home gateway launched in 2019, HW
cost very competitive, installation time
1-2 hrs.

4. Existing and growing market demand

Home solar energy and electric vehicle transition is
creating increasing
demand for the Trim solution.

5. Investment into commercialization

Considerable R&D investment done.
Capital required for commercialization and

Trim’s smart-energy software platform provides a unique investment opportunity

Interested in investment?

Trim Energy Oy (“Trim”) is seeking an equity investment to accelerate its growth and to take advantage of the significant market opportunity for its smart home energy management platform.

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Investment Highlights

Unique technology:

Rather than just a simple algorithm with limited functionality, Trim is a complete smart home energy management platform, facilitating fast development of new consumer solutions and launching demand-response business for energy market players.

High growth market:

The market for smart home energy solutions is currently booming and growing at over 100% a year as the market has finally reached the point where these solutions are in high demand. Trim’s technology is very well positioned for the future.

Proven track record of demanding installations:

Over the years, the technology has been demonstrated in implementations over a varied and demanding customer base in five countries, meaning Trim has the experience required for full volume roll out.

Opportunity to significantly grow revenues and achieve exit:

Given the current stage of market maturity, Trim is well positioned to be at the forefront of the sector, achieving a significant revenue level. The company will also be an attractive acquisition target.

Investment Opportunity

Trim’s smart home energy platform is a complete and robust software platform for digitalisation of home energy management. Using the software, homeowners get high ROI from energy savings and can manage all the main energy components in the home in an integrated fashion.

The company has an achievable go-to-market plan leveraging distribution partners for scalability and growing revenues. The platform also provides the best integration with energy market players, allowing to use connected homes for demand-response energy management.

Intelligent systems offering advanced functionality such as Trim’s are a new and growing part of the global home energy management systems market. The growth is driven by the significant homeowner cost savings that can be achieved, as well as the increased home energy system complexity from the adoption of solar, wind, and electric cars. After a long period of incubation, the market is finally in a historic acceleration phase, driven also by the need for demand-response capacity solutions by energy market players.

Trim is now seeking to accelerate the go-to-market for the software first in its domestic market in Finland and subsequently in the wider Nordic and European markets. The present capital raising round provides an investor a unique opportunity to acquire equity in a fast-growing software company with a unique and valuable technology platform.

Business and Technology Description

Trim software platform is based on years of R&D development efforts, originally coming as the spin-off of Nokia’s smart home software business.

Following extensive development Trim is one of the most comprehensive home energy management platforms available worldwide.

Trim’s solution is a complete, truly open and highly scalable smart home software platform with several unique strengths:

• Hardware agnostic platform, integrating easily with all communication protocols and device types
• Virtual object architecture separating physical devices from software logic and algorithms
• At least 20% electricity cost savings by optimizing home electricity use
• Highly intuitive with ease of use to manage even complex home energy systems
• OEM can embed software in its equipment (e.g. solar inverter, HVAC, tap water boiler)
• Fully demand-response ready, making this a suitable solution for energy companies
• After years of refinement, the required hardware components are highly affordable

Forerunner in Smart Energy and Demand Response

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